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Vmoto E-Max scooters: Freedom from Fossil Fuels

Vmoto are bringing to the UK the low-cost, zero-emissions scooters which have been changing lives and businesses in the rest of Europe and across the world.  Saving you fuel, tax, and maintenance costs and time spent filling up, Vmoto Emax scooters are 100% electric and emissions free, and charge from a conventional home socket.

Quiet and quick, with powerful in-wheel electric motors, Vmoto Emax scooters were designed in Italy using technology developed in Germany, and feature LED lights, on board smart charge, removable batteries and a power boost, providing up to 80% more power to get up those hills.  Vmoto’s innovative battery management system monitors and records the condition of the battery and motor in order to maximise efficiency.  A range of batteries enables you to customise to your requirements and budget.

Founded in 2002 Vmoto Limited (ASX/AIM:VMT) is one of the leading global scooter manufacturing groups in the world, specialising in ‘green’ zero emission electric scooters.  Vmoto scooters are produced in a large modern factory in Nanjing, China with capacity of 300,000 scooters per year.  The factory features 3 scooter manufacturing lines, power electronic manufacturing, R&D and testing facilities.

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Meet the Vmoto UK Team

Richard Jordan
Richard JordanFounder
Richard has been involved professionally with electric vehicles for a decade, and built his first electric vehicle (the ‘Trundle’) aged 12. He is the founder of Vmoto UK and heads up development of the bikes and overall strategy and management. Richard is a former a corporate finance lawyer with extensive experience in technology, sustainable transport and renewable energy, having advised on over £1bn worth of deals in these areas.