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 Electric Scooter Fleets – save money and impress your customers

If your business depends on being productive and sustainable by moving loads swiftly and economically then Vmoto scooters are the perfect addition to your company fleet.

Electric zero emission scooters are a natural choice for the commercial sector due to lower running and maintenance costs.

Electricity usually costs 5-10 times less per mile than petrol and, in addition to this, maintenance costs are much lower as there are far less moving parts in an electric drivetrain. Therefore for any high distance user, the economic case for going electric is compelling.

With Vmoto scooters customers can choose between all battery capacity types depending on their intended application:

Maximum speed: up to 40mph

Range: up to 99 miles

Loading ability: up to 150kg .

Cargo boxes: 450mm x 400mm x 450mm or 600mm x 500mm x 300mm

 Maximise productivity and lower running costs with Vmoto UK. Call us to find out more about tailor made fleet solutions for your business.

Some of Vmoto’s global fleet customers