Review by About Town Scooters

Test riding the VMoto, June 2015, South London, UK

A day out. 18 June 2015. Location: South London. And what a great day out. These VMoto Electric Scooters are a pleasure to ride. My day started with a lift to the train station at Poole, then on up to London. All went well and I arrived on time to see Natasha sitting out on the scooters in the glorious sunshine. You can tell quality when you see it and this was no exception. Greetings over with, I was keen to get on and have a go. American Electric motors, German engineering, Italian design, made in China by an Australian company with years of quality and experience behind them. What could go wrong?

Legal reasons prevented us riding around town so we made do with several circuits of the car park, much to the amusement of the onlookers. The City scooter (City 80L Speed <30mph Range <40 miles) was a pleasure to get on. It felt very safe and sturdy. As these scooters are still in storage wing mirrors and wind screens have yet to be fitted but just riding in the car park, they felt very good. The twist and go throttle, with a boost button underneath for hills was very responsive and accelerated comfortably well.

Given a choice, a day like today is made for riding scooters, and being electric, there are no harmful emissions and they are very quiet. Plenty of storage in the top box, Helmet fits in there with space to spare and there is a handy hook at the front to hold your bag.

These scooters can be charged in situ or you can remove the battery. They have their own wheels and a telescopic handle as if it was luggage, very neat. The Cargo scooter (V120LD speed <55mph Range <100 miles) is a big scooter, but when you get on again you feel very safe with its sturdy build quality. Well lets face it, if these are going to be your work horse delivering around town you want sturdy and practical more than fancy and elegant and there is a beefier hook on the front to hang your bag…

I was caught by surprise with the basket on the front. When you turn, you expect the basket to turn as well as the wheel. It doesn’t. But again after a couple of circuits, progressing to figures of eight by now, all was well. Again acceleration is smooth with the twist and go throttle. These modern wheel hub motors are quiet, no chains, no clutch, no gears, no noise does a lot of box ticking for me, as its simplicity itself to just twist the throttle and go.

I am impressed and do feel very privileged to have been invited and thank Natasha for allowing me to try out these electric scooters and I’m really looking forward to another day when we can get out and around town on them.