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The 120L is a bike for those who want to give up petrol, without sacrificing anything else.  Two battery options give either 50 or 100 miles of hassle-free riding, while the powerful motor enables longer, faster commutes.  Charge from a normal 3 pin plug at home or at the office.

120L with 50 mile range – £2,799*

120L+ with 100 mile range – £3,249*

*includes VAT and includes OLEV Plug-in Motorcycle Grant of 20%

Battery type Lithium
Battery capacity 48V52Ah (120L) or 48V104Ah (120L+)
Battery weight 34kg (120L) or 52kg (120L+)
Charging time 5-6 hours (120L) or 7-8 hours (120L+)
Max power 4000W
Maximum speed 45 mph
Distance range 45-50 miles (120L) or 90-100 miles (120L+)